Women's Health and Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy

Women's Health Physical Therapy Treatment

The muscles that comprise the pelvic floor are like that of the rest of the body. Weakness and disuse can oftentimes result in urinary leakage and even pelvic organ prolapse. These problems can be especially prevalent in older, pregnant, and especially athletic individuals.

Treatment methods for women’s health issues consist of manual therapy, therapeutic exercises for the pelvic floor, behavior modification, and neuromuscular reeducation with and without biofeedback.

On your first visit you can expect a private one-on-one evaluation with one of our specialists and discussion about your individual plan of care. If you are comfortable, your second visit will consist of an examination of the strength and tissue integrity of the pelvic floor muscles and surrounding structures. This usually takes about 15 minutes. Depending on the results of your internal examination combined with information collected during your evaluation, a more specific plan of care will be developed and the remainder of your care will be focused on achieving your individual goals.