Dry Needling

A needle inserted into a patients shoulder by a physical therapist using dry needling physical therapy techniques

Dry needling is the use of an acupuncture needle to stimulate and “re-set” a trigger point within a muscle. Trigger points are localized areas of tightness and tenderness that create both local pain as well as referred or projected pain that can be felt remotely from its source. As these trigger points release, pain decreases and mobility increases. Dry needling works on both chronic and acute conditions.

Conditions you may be experiencing where dry needling may help include:

    • Extremity joint problems
    • Muscle tension and pain
    • Tendinitis and tendiopathy
    • Migraine and tension-type headaches
    • Jaw, mouth, and facial problems (such as temporomandibular joint disorders or TMD)
    • Neck pain and whiplash
    • Repetitive motion disorders (like carpal tunnel syndrome)
    • Back pain
    • Plantar fasciitis
    • Bursitis

Our physical therapists use dry needling as one part of your treatment plan and only if appropriate. If you have any questions about dry needling or are wondering if it may be right for you please CONTACT US.

You can find out even more about dry needling and physical therapy by clicking HERE from the Mayo Clinic.