• Testimonials

  • The folks at Willow Creek PT have been awesome to work with. Helped enormously. Very kind and not too hard on an old guy. Best PT clinic I’ve ever been to and very accommodating. Thank you to all the folks at WCPT!

    Jim Carrington

  • Willow Creek Physical Therapy is a place of healing, support and education. Each person I interact with is caring and welcoming, and all staff members seem quite knowledgeable in their respective areas of expertise. Every effort is made to accommodate scheduling needs, ensure documentation is handled efficiently and create a comfortable environment in all stages of the PT process. My Physical Therapist, Lindsay, performed a thorough initial assessment that included listening as well as testing. She then tailored my program towards goals of physical improvement, emotional well being, and education…a holistic approach. All encouragement I continuously received by staff members was authentic. The staff and the program together have been instrumental in my post-injury healing process. I appreciate you all. .


  • Hello all, from a very satisfied patient. I'm a retired professional firefighter who gave most of my adult life to the fire service and as a result, incurred many injuries over the years. When I came to Willow creek PT, I was in bad shape. Virtually no grip strength in my left hand, pain down the left arm, and a neck that lacked range of motion to either side. Not a physical situation I ever expected to find my self in, being one who prided himself on being "in shape." Jeff started my therapy in 2012, focusing on the cervical area of my neck. His specialty is what brought me 30 miles north to see him. Damaged "C" spine causing trouble for the nerves that support and control movement to the extremities. Jeff began my road back with extensive hands on manipulation, and other modalities. During the time here, I transitioned to his extremely competent partner, Dr. Lindsay Huls. She has guided my comeback to this day with maintenance work she performs and exercises I'm given by her. I now have strength back in the left arm and hand, mobility of the shoulder and neck which has given me back my quality of life. Neither Dr. Jeff Humphrey nor Dr. Huls gave up on me when it seemed to me that I would never recover my ability to function normally again. Thank you both for making my senior years golden ones.